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Jack Kirby (August 28, 1917 – February 6, 1994), born Jacob Kurtzberg, was an American comic book artist, writer and editor regarded by historians and fans as one of the major innovators and most influential creators in the comic book medium.

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The Fantastic Jack

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Ego the Living Planet

Ego the Living Planet is a fictional character, a supervillain in the Marvel Comics Universe. The character first appeared in Thor #132 (Sept. 1966) and was created by writer Stan Lee and artist Jack Kirby.

Ego was created by Jack Kirby during a phase in which he was fascinated with the universe. Ego, the alien Kree and The Colonizers immediately followed the creation of Galactus and helped establish Marvel Comics' own "space age mythology".

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Lightning Lady

Captain Victory was a comic book created, written and drawn by Jack Kirby. It was first published by Pacific Comics in 1981.
One of Pacific Comics first titles, it lasted thirteen issues, plus a special, through January, 1984.
In the last issues of the Pacific series, Kirby crafted an origin story for Captain Victory which he tied in to the New Gods comic book that he had written and drawn for DC Comics in the 1970s. It was suggested that Captain Victory was the son of Orion, of the New Gods. Orion was not specifically named, but a number of clues were planted, including equipment said to belong to Captain Victory's father that was identical to the astro-harness ridden by Orion in the earlier series. Additionally, Captain Victory's grandfather, Blackmaas, was illustrated only as a cast shadow, but a shadow that to many readers bore a resemblance to Orion's father, Darkseid.

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