God #1

"Quando Dio creò l'uomo Jack Kirby passava da quelle parti e lo disegnò!" :-)

"When God created man Jack Kirby was there and draw it!" :-)

Jack Kirby non è stato solo un superbo genio dei comics americani, ha realizzato immagini che si distanziavano notevolmente dai super-eroi, questo mio disegno è ispirato  a tre illustrazioni evocative di Dio che lui realizzò. 

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Big Barda

Big Barda is a fictional comic book superheroine appearing in books published by DC Comics. She first appeared in Mister Miracle #4 (October 1971), and was created by Jack Kirby.

- Hey! Put your hands down from my wife!


Silver Surfer e Jack

The Silver Surfer debuted as an unplanned addition to the superhero-team comic Fantastic Four #48 (March 1966). The comic's writer-editor, Stan Lee, and its penciller and co-plotter, Jack Kirby, had by the mid-1960s developed a collaborative technique known as the "Marvel Method": the two would discuss story ideas, Kirby would work from a brief synopsis to draw the individual scenes and plot details, and Lee would finally add the dialog and captions. When Kirby turned in his pencil art for the story, he included a new character he and Lee had not discussed. As Lee recalled in 1995, "There, in the middle of the story we had so carefully worked out, was a nut on some sort of flying surfboard". He later expanded on this, recalling, "I thought, 'Jack, this time you've gone too far'". Kirby explained that the story's agreed-upon antagonist, a god-like cosmic predator of planets named Galactus, should have some sort of herald, and that he created the surfboard "because I'm tired of drawing spaceships!" Taken by the noble features of the new character, who turned on his master to help defend Earth, Lee overcame his initial skepticism and began adding characterization. The Silver Surfer soon became a key part of the unfolding story.



One-Man Army Corps (OMAC) è un fumetto di genere supereroistico creato da Jack Kirby e pubblicato dalla DC Comics. Ambientato nel futuro prossimo ("il mondo che sta per arrivare"), OMAC è un signor nessuno detto Buddy Blank trasformato da un satellite dotato di intelligenza artificiale, detto Fratello Occhio, nel superpotente OMAC.
OMAC lavora per l'Agenzia per la Pace Globale, un gruppo di persone senza faccia che svolge un ruolo di polizia per il mondo intero tramite l'uso di armi pacifiste.

Pin-up ispirata da Omac # 3, "A HUNDRED THOUSAND FOES!"